DNA Project

DNA Project

We have had such a good response from our March meeting at which we discussed DNA testing, that we have decided to start a DNA Project.

FamilyTreeDNA appears to be the best match at present and we have been in contact with a lady in Capetown who is able to assist us.

The suggestion at this stage is that anyone that would like to purchase a Test Kit contacts us. We will coordinate with Hazel and get the kits up to PMB/Hilton. We will then arrange to have them sent back to her once we have done our bit and she will send them on to FamilyTreeDNA saving us some of teh courier costs.

There is currently a special on the Family Finder test (AutosomalDNA Test) which ends on the 17th March 2020. I know that this is very short notice! So the sooner we get feedback the better.

If you would like to do the test, please let us know ASAP.

Below are the different options. The special is ONLY on the Family Finder.
You may select to do one or all of the tests.

Once we know how many kits are required we will confirm the total cost!

Links to the FamilyTreeDNA site:
Family Finder