Shelagh O’Byrne Spencer Honoured

The Witness (10th April 2010)
To be honoured: Local universities have released the names of those to be awarded honorary doctorates at this year’s graduations, which begin soon.

Amongst the names, which include The Reverend Jesse Louis Jackson; is
Shelagh O’Byrne Spencer -UKZN

Spencer is internationally known as the foremost researcher and genealogist of colonial Natal, after writing seven-volumes comprising the history of British settlers in Natal. These volumes have made an invaluable contribution to the historiography of colonial Natal. Her research into the biographies of British settlers in Natal in 1963 resulted in the first volume reflecting her work being published in 1981.

In 2001, 20 years later, a further six volumes had been published. O’Byrne Spencer will be the only woman to be awarded an honorary doctorate by the university this year, which will be in Literature.

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