Prominent People

ALLEN   James Franklin Swithin1913.08.1361Surgeon of Grey’s Hospital from 1876 – 1901   G EE 24 (m)
ALSTON   William Tuzo (Rev.)1949.11.01 Anglican Priest in Pmb.  Well known in the City for his work in the Coloured community.            7 NN 51 (g)
ARCHBELL   James William   (Refer also “British Settlers in Natal”  by Mrs. S.O. Spencer)1891.01.1967Field Cornet for Ward 3 Pmburg County from 1854 – 1860.  Son of the Rev. James Archbell5  C  6  (m)
BALE   Henry (Sir)                       K.C.M.C.1910.12.0157Chief Justice of Natal, 1901 – 19102  J  6  (g)
BARBER   Mary Elizabeth1899.09.0581Came out to the Cape with 1820 Settlers.  A Botanist of note.  A collection of her pencil sketches and watercolours are in her collection in the Albany Museum, Grahamstown.5  L  13  (m)
BARTER   Charles  (Refer to “British Settlers in Natal”  by Mrs. S.O. Spencer)1904.06.07 1873 – Member of the Executive Council              1874 – Appointed J.P. for the Colony                1852 – Wrote “Dorp and Veld”                           1880 – Resident Magistrate                            1882 – Chairman of the Emma Barter Almshouses until his death.  Homes founded as a result of a movement initiated by his wife.5  L  6  (m)
BERGTHEIL   Jonas    (Plaque in memory, but children listed on grave:  Fanny Miriam and Isaac Albert).  Plaque on grave reads:  “Sat in Natal parliament before the Jews were admitted in the British Parliament.  A Legislative Councillor  1856 – 1866.  A pioneer of white immigration to Natal”  Plaque in memory as he died in London.2  M  5  (g)
BIRD   Christopher John   (Refer to “British Settlers in Natal”,  by Mrs. S.O. Spencer).1922.11.17 Many years Under-Secretary of Natal.  Compiled the BIRD Papers on early Natal Settlers.Block C  (Cath)  (m)
BIRD   James William Fairbridge1938.08.24 Attorney General of Natal, 1910 – 1913Block C (Cath)  (m)
BOSHOFF   Henri Guillaume Bossau1930.03.0567Judge President of the Natal Native High Court & one of the judges who tried Dinizulu.4 L 1 (g)
BROOME   William  (Sir)1930.08.2679For 15 years, Judge of the Supreme Court5  A  57  (m)
BUCHANAN   Ebenezer1897.08.0885J.P. and 18 years Town Clerk of Pmburg.  11 years pioneer missionary of South Pacific Islands.2  B  1  (g)
BUCHANAN   James1859.01.1475Started Infant schools in Natal3  E  3  (g)
COLENSO   Francis Sarah1893.12.2377Wife of Bishop Colenso5  B  28  (m)
COLENSO   Agnes Mary1932.07.2377Assisted her sister in her extensive work for the Zulu people.5  B  28  (m)
COLENSO   Harriette Emily1932.06.0282Assisted with mission work and striving for justice for the African people.5  B  28  (m)
CONNOR   Henry  (Sir)1890.07.1272Chief Justice of Natal, K.N.T.  L.L.D.5  F  12  (m)
CLARK   Robert Douglas1917.05.1871Headmaster of Maritzburg College 1879 – 1902;  Served on City Council 1857, and 1862 – 18633  I  1  (g)
DAWNEY   Robert 1874.05.18491850 Chemist Shop, Loop St.                                            1852 Purchased his own pharmacy – Medical Hall (Still standing)                                                     1858 – Member of City Council5  D  65  (m)
EAGLESTONE   Gabriel    (Refer:  “A Camera on Old Natal”,  by Alan F. Hattersley).1860.02.13 Stonemason.  1860 stonework on Victoria Bridge.  Fine carvings in St. Peter’s Church where sculptured heads are likenesses of his daughters.  He was deaf and suffered from persecution mania.  Within a month of opening of St. Peter’s, his body was recovered from the Umsinduzi.5  C  23  (m)
EGNER   James Michael1915.08.1873Wool & Hide Merchant, cnr. of Timber and Longmarket Streets.5  B  31  (m)
FORSYTH-INGRAM   Joseph1923 One of the first historians to write a book on Pmburg:  “The Story of an African City”  (1898).3  F  30  (g)
GALLWEY   Michael Henry  (Sir)  Q.C.  K.C.M.G.1912.07.2586Attorney General and Chief Justice of Natal.Block D   Cath (m)
GOWER   Samuel   M.R.C.S.L.S.A.1876.10.0878For nearly 20 yrs District Surgeon of Pmburg5  E  30/31  (m)
GREEN   James  (Very Rev.)1906.01.1085First Anglican vicar of Pmburg and later Dean of St. Saviour’s Cathedral6  GG  30  (m)
GREEN   Charlotte Mary1888.05.1756Wife of Dean Green and daughter of Donald Moodie.6  GG  30  (m)
GREY   Charles Lascelles1883.08.03 Arrived 1875.  Introduced opera to the City.  Was conductor of Philharmonic6  AA  49  (m)
HOLLIDAY   John David1892.05.3165Owned a coffee house in Longmarket Street as early as 18555  C  53  (m)
HYSLOP   James                   V.S.O.  V.D.  M.B.C.M.1917.10.056133 Years Physician Superintendent of Mental Hosp. in Pmburg.  Was Colonel on Service for Medical Services in Natal during the Great War3  D  3  (g)
JAMES   William1940.03.0994London House Merchant.  Known as “Cockney James” & ran his business in the City for many years.5  K  9  (m)
LYON   Robert1894.05.1467Teacher of law & librarian of the Legislative Council of Natal.2  L  6  (g)
MACFARLANE   George James1933.03.1478Chief Magistrate – 18981  E  2  (g)  
MACFARLANE   John1888.12.1278For 20 years a resident magistrate in Natal;  (Father of G.J. MacFarlane)1  E  2  (g)  
MASSON   John Leslie1913.03.1969One time Surveyor General of Natal3  I  3  (g)
MELDRUM   William1916.10.2179Established a business as an Aerated Water Manufacturer in the City – 18591  J  4  (g)
MOODIE   Donald1911.07.07 Government Secretary6  GG  30  (m)
MORELAND   Mary1889.10.29 Wife of Settler Agent, John Swales Moreland5  F  54  (m)
OSBORN   Melmoth (Sir)   K.C.M.G.1899.06.0166Many years Commissioner of Zululand5  L  12  (m)
PLOWMAN   George Thomas  (Sir)1943.06.2985K.T. C.M.G. J.P and Administrator of Natal 1918 – 19285  A  81 (m)
RAW   James1890.02.0869Member City Council, 1858                          Member Legislative Council in 18575  D  7  (m)
ROACH   Fred  (D.D.)1922.06.07Assistant Bishop of Natal, previously Zululand3  A  37/38  (m)
SCOTT   Daniel Burton1919.08.14 Erected Scott’s Theatre in Theatre Lane5  G  3  (m)
SHORES   John Wallis1935.01.05 Engineer-in-Chief of Govt. Railways4  B  13  (m)
SHEPSTONE   Henrique Charles1917.10.17Formerly Secretary of Native Affairs6  KK  56  (m)
SHEPSTONE   John Wesley   C.M.G.1916.01.2388Entered Natal Civil Service in 1846.  Served as Magistrate.   Adj. Secretary Native Affairs.  Judge of Native High Court, 1884 – 189657  A  105/106  (m)
SHEPSTONE   Theophilus  (Sir)1893.06.2376Secretary for Native Affairs6  KK  56  (m)
SMITH   Esther Payne1938.04.1378Founder and head of the Church of England Indian schools in Pmburg.  Also a devoted missionary worker amongst the Indian people5  D  6i  (m)
SMITH   John M.A. D.D.1927.06.2788Minister St. John’s Presbyterian 1870 – 19201  C  1  (g)
ST. GEORGE T. (Sir)1857.07.2347Lt. Col. Natal CarbineersC Block  (Cath)
STRANACK  Stephen1932.08.1383Town Clerk – 18835  B  32  (m)
SUTHERLAND   Peter Cormac  (Dr.)1900.11.3078Surveyor General of Natal6  FF  7  (m)
TATHAM   Ada Susan1950.11.1885Greatly interested in art and in collecting paintings for an Art Gallery in Pmburg.5  K  7  (m)
TATHAM   Frederic Spence1934.11.2669Lt. Col.,  the Hon. Justice5  K  7  (m)
TOMLINSON   Edward1877.09.0360Member of City Council 1858                          Mayor Pmburg 1864 and 18655  F  43  (m)
WATSON   John Lincoln1928.12.2868Surveyor-General of Natal,  1909 – 19134  A  19  (m)
WELCH   John William1888.06.0571Ran his Prince Alfred omnibus from October 1862 between Pmburg and Durban 3 days a week1  H  5  (g)
WELCH   Samuel1946.05.0288Son of J.W. Welch and continued with his father’s transport business1  H  5  (g)
WEST   Martin1849.08.0145Died in office as Lieutenant Governor of Natal, and the only Natal Gov. to be buried in the Colony6  KK  32  (m)
**NB:  See also list of Voortrekkers and early German settlers for other well-known names.